Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This past weekend I was able to go to my first midnight movie . . . NEW MOON! I was so excited!!! A group of people from my work decided to get a bunch of tickets so we could all go together. It was so much fun! The movie Twilight was great, but New Moon was amazing. It was everything I imagined and more. Here are some pictures of my night!

Here is a picture of all of us before we went to the movie. We decided to stop at I Hop and get a bite to eat.

This is a picture of the gang before we went into the movie theater.

I LOVE edward!!!! We were on our way into the theater when i just happened to look over and see this stand with Edward, Jacob, and Bella. I was so giddy and happy that I saw it, I asked someone to take a picture!!!!

This is a picture of Me, Sara, and Abby!!

This is us just a few moments before the movie began! Can't you see our excitement??

So those are basically the pictures of my first midnight movie!!

P.S. Tonight is the David Archuletta Christmas Concert! I am so excited, and i will post some pictures in a few days!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Catching up on Life~!

OK so its been a long time since I have posted anything, and a lot has happened so maybe is should catch you up on things.
My Birthday was on September 15Th and my mom and Ashley took me to the Cheese cake Factory which was a lot of fun . . . I love that place! My coworkers also decorated my desk which was nice. !!! Later that month was the state fair and i went with my grandma!!! I love her so much :) We didn't buy anything but it was nice to look around and just take in the scenery. Here are some pictures from that :

The one and only . . . CHEESE CAKE FACTORY!

This is my desk from a distant :)

Lately my friend Melissa Dickson and I have been trying to go to as many young single adult activities as we can. One in particular was bowling up at the University of Utah. Not a lot of people went, but hey . . . it was free bowling!! On our way there we passed some pretty bushes . . . and found this rabbit, and it didn't run away. It was super cool! After we found this water fountain thing, and i thought it was cool so we took some pics in front of it. You cant really see it, but i promise that it is there. So here is one of us in front of that fountain, and of the rabbit:

This is me and Melissa

This is the cute little rabbit

A few weeks ago, on witches night out, i helped my friend Aubrey at Gardner's Village because that is where she works. It was a lot of fun and we got face painted and everything. It was super fun. The paint stuff on our face was actually this stuff called eye candy and it is amazing. It is this powder that they dip in water and it turns into this paint solution. Then when you are ready to take it off you can seriously just wipe it off with a washcloth . . . and you don't have to scrub!! It was the coolest thing i have ever seen!

Ok so this is what they did.... you cant really tell, but it was really neat!

Ok so my sister Emily is super cute. She went to Homecoming a few weeks ago too, and she looked so cute! Her date was so polite and nice, my dad was really impressed. Anyways, here are a few pictures that i took when he picked her up!!!!!!!

Well, that was fun! I will post some more a littl bit later!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ok, so in my English 2010 class we have to make our own "blog" and put all of our writing onto it. It is a lot of hard work, but i hope it all pays off... with an "A" in the class. That would be SAWEET! Ha ha. It is still a work in progress, but it is coming along. Ok here is the link, so check it out sometime.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sunday during my lesson in primary, i took my little sunbeams fishing. OK, not real fishing but they still had a lot of fun! My mom had made this cute little fishing pole a while ago and i use it with my sunbeams all the time now... just because they love it oh so much! Anyways, my mom took a stick and some fishing line stuff and put magnets on the end. It is super cute. Then for the fish she just printed them off the Internet ( i think) and laminated them, then added a paper clip to them so you can pick them up with the magnet. The kids LOVE it! Here are a few pictures of them fishing!!!

This is Bridger fishing :) he is so cute, and he always makes my day! He has the cutest smile EVER!

This is Bridger and Paige after they got their fish!!!

This is little Bryson! He is so tiny.. i love it, and he loves to cuddle which is cool! He was so happy when he got his fish!

Ok, so there are just a few pictures of our little fishing adventure in primary. :) enjoy!

Monday, August 31, 2009

This Weeks Happenings!

On Monday I was able to go to a young single adults meeting for our ward. There were only 4 of us that went ( Me, Kaydee, Kira, and Dominic) and then Andrew came a little later, but it was still a lot of fun. We watched this amazing video on missionary work and how we should try to share the gospel with as many people as possible, and to be an example because you never know who is watching. Then we made little sundae's, and me and Dominic ended up getting into a little whip cream fight. It was super fun!

Anyways.. Wednesday i started my second semester at Salt Lake Community College. I am only taking 3 classes this semester but I also have a full time job so i am going to be busy with work, school, and homework. My first class is English 2010, and it will be a lot of work. I love my teacher, she is so peppy and fun, but the work that we have to do is going to be stressful... its ok, I will pull through! :) My second class is Psychology which I start tomorrow, but i am super stoked for! My friend Aubrey is taking Psychology and Color with me so we will have a lot of fun! And my third class, which you probably figured out already, but it is Color. I am going to love that class. It counts for my Interior Design major, which is what I am thinking I want to do!

Saturday I was able to go to LAGOON for the first time since I moved to Utah about 4 years ago. I went with my very good friend Aubrey which made it so much more fun!!. We are so much a like that it can be scary, but we both love it! So, we got up early enough so we could be there right when it opened at 10 am, and since we went that early there was barely any lines. The first roller coaster we went on was the White Roller Coaster and we were able to go on about 3 times because there was no one else there. I decided that is what i will do from here on out because it was awesome!

This is a picture of the amazing White Roller Coaster we went on.... Doesn't it look like so much fun?? ha ha... that's because it IS!

There were so many beutiful fountains throught the amusement park so i decided to take a picture a a few.

This is Me and Aubrey after going on the cliff hanger 3 times and getting soaked! The first time we went on we were on the 1st row and got really wet, and we loved it so much that we decided to go on a second time. The 2nd time we got put on the 2nd row and you dont really get wet so we decided to go a third time and made sure to be in the 1st row again just so we could get more soaked!

These are some flowers i thought were super pretty. !! The purple and white ones were in front of the swings, which was probably one of my favorite rides!!!

WEll, Lagoon was super fun and i hope to go back sometime soon!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Just some random pictures from yesterday!

Here are just some random pictures that my little sister Abby took!!!

Me attempting to play the piano... i wish i was good!!

This is my little sister Abby... she is so adorable!

This is a picture of me that my sister Abby took... i was actually really surprised at how well it turned out!
THANKS ABIGAIL!!! I really like them... :)

This Past Weekend!!!

OK, so i just wrote this huge long post about my summer's activities, but i forgot to add what has happened this past week!!! Monday me and my good friend Aubrey hung out at my house until about 12:30. I had a lot of things on my mind and it was nice to have Aubrey just come over and let me vent to her, and its always nice when they understand. As much as i love my family, sometimes i just need to hear things from other people, so thank you so much Aubrey! Tuesday was Sarah Nevarez's 11Th birthday. I was invited to their house for some cake and ice cream. Then me and Aubrey took Sarah to the movies to watch Ice Age 3 ( i thought it was hilarious!) and it was a lot of fun. Then me and Aubrey went over to our friend Cameron's house. We ended staying up until 1:30 or so... shhhh.... i don't think i was supposed to be out that late! That was super fun and i am glad i have such good and amazing friends!!! Thursday i was able to hang out with my friend Corinne!!! She was basically my only friend when i first moved to Utah! I love her to death... anyways... Thursday was our last day to see each other before she left to go back to SUU where she is attending college. After having a ton of fun... like usual... we picked up her friend Preston and went to a park just to play!!! It was fun, but then we also just talked about our lives and what we were planning on doing with them. When i dropped Corinne off we had to say goodbye, but we also wanted a ton of pictures.... Some were serious and pretty... while others were silly and weird pictures!!!

Oh man... i love Corinne so much! She just makes me laugh! I love this picture because we are both laughing!!!
On Friday i was able to go to the corner stone for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple because my mother was singing in the choir. We were really close to President Monson who is the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints ( which is the church i belong to)! It was an amazing experience and i am so glad i had the opportunity to go! That night my friend Aubrey ( as you can see i spend a lot of time with her!) came over and we started our school shopping!!! We are taking 2 of our 3 classes together this semester so it will be so much fun. Then we rented some movies and took them back to my house! We ended up staying up until 5:30 in the morning watching them! It was crazy! Then Saturday we finished our shopping. Saturday night my friend Stephanie Haven came and took our Family pictures. She did an amazing job! It was nice to see her too!!! :) Oh, and then i got a new bed.!! I have lived with a twin size bed my whole life, and Saturday i had an amazing opportunity and i grabbed it and ran with it!!! My brother in law was selling a queen size bed and it was basically new! I just had to have it! I am super happy.. thanks Deven!!!
Sunday we did not have any church so it was a nice day to sleep in. It was also my mom's birthday... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY mom!!! We went to the temple dedication at 3 which was really good. Then after that my dad gave us our fathers blessings before the school year started. I love my dad!! Thanks :) After that our family friends came over... it was the Fresques Family! We had so much fun with them. !!
This weekend has been a blast! I have had amazing opportunities and i am glad i have such amazing friends!!

Fun things from this summer

I started my blog a while ago but never added to it, and i think its time to start it up again. So this summer has been a fun eventful one, but believe it or not, i am ready for school to start up again. I started out the summer by taking a mini road trip with my friend Brindy up to Snow college in Ephraim, Utah. We got a hotel room and stayed there for a night. We only went for a weekend so it was not a super long trip. We got to tour the campus and we spent a lot of time up in the canyon. During the day we went to a river and took some pictures up there because it was so pretty! That night we decided to go back to the river and make a fire to roast smores. Neither of us really knew how to start a fire, so we kind of just winged it. We also got to visit the Manti Temple. It was so pretty! While we were there, people were setting up and practicing for the Manti Pageant. That was really cool to watch.! Our mini road trip was so much fun and me and Brindy got a lot closer.... well i think we did. Me and Brindy actually spent a lot of time together this summer. She came to a few of my brothers baseball games, we would do a lot of puzzles while watching NCIS, and just spent a lot of time together! During the week of the 4Th of July my family and I were able to drive 8 hours up to Cody, Wyoming to visit some family. My grandparents live there so we stayed with them for a few days. We visited the Buffalo Bill Dam which was really cool. It kind of reminded me of the Niagara Falls....not as big, but it did remind me of it. Then me and my siblings ( Emily, Aaron, Abigail, and Jonathan) were able to go horse back riding. It was a really cool experience even though it was kind of expensive... i think it was totally worth it... THANK YOU mom and dad for letting us go! While we were still in Cody we got together with my great grandparents which was really cool. My great grandma is 96!!! It was great to see them again, because it might be a while before we are able to drive up there to see them again. The picture to the left is a 4 generation picture, so it goes my 96 year old great grandma, then my grandpa, my dad, and my brother Aaron. Once my older sister has her little baby girl in December, we might be able to get a 5 generation picture! After all of that fun stuff in Cody we drove over to my Aunt's house in Gillette. We spent the 4Th of July with them. We woke up early to take my little cousins to the parade. It was fun to watch them run to get the candy! My cousin Landon would just lay on the ground and try to gather the candy close to him so he could get as many as he could! Then we went back to their house to barbecue some food and just spend time together. That night we tried setting off our own little fireworks, then we went to watch the big fireworks which was fun. I also got to take Brindy and my sister Emily to the American Idol Concert. It was so much fun and really cool. I loved most of the songs they sang which was good because then you got to sing along.
A couple of weeks ago a group from my work went up to a cabin in the canyon and watched the movie Madagascar, and we played the game Spaz. It was so much fun and me and Sarah could not stop laughing. The cabin was really cute! My friend Abby was the one who owned it and her grandparents were the ones who built it, and they built it all by themselves. There are several pictures around the cabin of them at different stages of building it, so that was really cool. Also, they had a small organ that some pioneers brought with them when they crossed the plains, and that was really cool. I was tempted to play it, but i opted against it, because i didn't want it to break. Also a few weeks ago i dragged my friends Brindy, Melissa, Aubrey and Julie with me to a Young Single Adults activity. On Friday they served dinner and there was a comedian ( Jason Hewlett)who was really funny. On Saturday there was a small carnival ( which was not as fun as it sounded) and then dinner and then John Schmidt performed for us... and he did an amazing job!. Sunday was a fireside by Alex Boye which was really good and he also sang for us a few times because he is also in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Then they served some treats at the Brigham Young Park just down the street. Us girls meet some guys named Cameron and Jarrett and became friends... really weird i know. Jarrett took a picture with Alex, and we all got to meet him. It was really cool!
Well, That was most of my summer. I have a feeling that this semester is going to be even more crazy with work, and school and homework. Good thing i will have my good friend Aubrey with me most of the time!!!