Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sitting at work, answering phone calls, and dealing with clients is not always the most pleasant thing to deal with. Being a receptionist can be really hard at some times, which is not something people normally think. Most people I talk to have no idea exactly what is involved in being a receptionist.
Let me enlighten you........We not only have to answer the phone calls, but try to be nice to the caller, even if they are being rude to you, and think you don't know what your talking about. After getting a few calls like that it can be very frustrating. You have to make appointment for clients but you have to do it the correct way.......and having a lot of different offices, you have to make sure your doing each appointment correctly, or you can get yelled at. Sometimes the doctors will not want to talk to a patient, even though it is kind of an emergency. I feel so bad sometimes, but there isn't anything I can do. We have to order things for people on line because they either have no internet, or can't seem to do it themselves.
As you can see it can be very frustrating at times. I love it though. Stay tuned for some of my interesting work stories......

My FIRST Blog!!!!

Hey! I am so excited to start my blogging. I can't wait. I am not a very good writer, so I am hoping that this will help just a little. I did take a couple of writing classes in High School, and I always passed with an "A", but I would like to be able to express myself through writing more. Well......I hope you enjoy!