Monday, January 11, 2010


I AM AN AUNT!!!! I am so excited. My older sister Ashley had her baby on December 18th, 2009. She is the most precious baby EVER!. Ashley and Deven decided on a name a while ago but it is Isabelle Lynn Bugger and she was 7 lbs 12 oz, and 21 inches. The picture to the right is right after she was born, and before her bath. Isn't she cute? I think so! Haha!. It has been such a JOY having her around because she has such a sweet spirit.

Anyways . . . I know she was born 3 weeks ago, but things have just been CRAZY with all of the Holidays. Speaking of Holidays, little Bella came over to our house on Christmas. Deven and Ashley put her under the Christmas tree since she was basically their Christmas present! my mom bought the cute little outfit she is wearing, and if i remember correctly it says "My First Christmas" on it. I dont really remember but it is something to that effect. She looked so cute in it!

She is such a good baby too! She hardly ever cries unless she is hungry, or something like that. The older she gets the more she stays awake too, so that is good . . . my dad loves to hold her when she is awake because then he just holds her and talks to her. . . it is so super cute! This picture to the right is one of my favorites! Ashley and Deven took her to get her baby pictures professionaly done. All of the pictures turned out good, but this is my favorite! I just love the background, and how they got the picture with her eyes opened.
Bella is so cute, and I am so happy she is here!