Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Free Ebook :D

Hey Everyone!!!!!
If any of you are looking for a book to read on an Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, iPad then you should check out my dad's blog. (Below :D)
All YOU Want For Christmas Is An Ebook Reader

YOu can get a copy of his book The Chronicles of Gan FREE! That's right, I said FREE!!!!!!! The Thorn can be downloaded at the following location:

For those of you who just don’t like the whole ebook thing, you can still get a copy of the printed edition on Amazon.

If you like the book, tell a friend... Its that easy :D

Have a great day!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie Weekend :D

This weekend was actually a lot of fun! I guess I got to watch more movies than I thought :D

Thursday the 25th was obviously Thanksgiving and in my other post I stated that I went to play football in the snow. Then helped cook all the food and then my family sat down and ate all our delicious food. Then when we were cleaning up my dad decided it would be good for me to learn how to get all the meat off the chicken... it was so gross!!

Friday I had to actually work(which stunk) but after work I got to hang out with some friends from my ward. We ended up watching The Holiday while making treats, but the real reason we hung out was to watch ELF (which we did after the holiday). Both are fantastic movies.Saturday was kind of a relaxing day. I got to sleep in and watch some movies. I rented The Killers and then that night I went and saw Tangled with my mom and my sisters. I totally recommend Tangled... it was so funny and cute, I LOVED it!
Sunday I went to my family's ward because Me; my mom; and my sisters Emily, Abby and Ashley all sang How Gentle God's Commands as the intermediate hymn in sacrament. After we sang I went to my singles ward which is always amazing. After church though I hung around because I had a meeting at the Institute at 5 so there was basically no reason to go ALL the way home and then come ALL the way back for a meeting. After my meeting I came home and ate real fast before going to our woman's choir for my family's ward. After that I got to come home and enjoy one of my favorite TV shows: The Amazing Race!

Catching up... I know a lot of it is RANDOM but oh well :D

So I am trying to catch up on EVERYTHING that has happened. I know i am missing a lot, but oh well. I will try to do better at blogging more frequently so I don't always have to "catch up" but we will see how that goes.

*For Thanksgiving we decided to play football....IN THE SNOW. It was fun but i was FREEZING!
*On November the 18th I was in charge of our harry potter PRE-Movie party. We decorated Brother Murri's house with a Harry Potter theme. We had a potions table and fake trees (one with the car in it) and other decorations around the house. It was so much fun. I will have to track down some pictures and post them! Then we went and saw Harry Potter 7 part one at midnight all together. It was so much fuN!

*Last week there was a "blizzard" and this is the view from my house:
*A little bit ago a bunch of my friends from my ward decided to go see a movie. We went and saw inception (which i had already seen)... But it was still GREAT!

*One day we decided to put the headband i used for my lady bug costume and put it on my niece Bella. She cried at first but then she calmed down a little bit. SHE IS SO STINKING CUTE!!!!
*SO during Halloween I was in charge of our regional Halloween dance and we did all the food. So the night before we made TONS, and I mean TONS of popcorn. We did white chocolate and caramel popcorn. Here is what we made :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Week Dress up!!!!!!!!

I know this is late but I have been super busy and this post has been sitting in my drafts FOREVER!So here it is:

For the week before Halloween, my work dresses up each day. Each Day of the week is a different theme, and it is so interesting to see what everyone thought of. Here is our theme's and a picture of everyone on those days :D

Friday October 29th, 2010 (Actual Halloween Costumes)
So for this day i decided to be a gypsy. It wasn't my actual Halloween costume but i decided to wear it anyways. :D
Thursday October 28th, 2010 (Team Dress up)
Our team "the roamers" decided that we were going to dress up as people from where's waldo. I printed off a pic of Waldo and we hid him in our picture..... Can YOU find Waldo?
Wednesday October 27th, 2010 (Favorite Client Look Alike)
I dont have a picture of me for this one but this is the client i decided to look a like :D I wore khaki pants, a white shirt, a gold necklace and a flower in my hair.
Tuesday October 26th, 2010 (Animal Dress Up)
So for this day I decided to make my own Lady Bug Costume. For making it myself I think I did a pretty good job :D What do you think?So today we had quite a bit of bunnies, a few cats, a unicorn, a bird, an alligator, a zebra, a tiger, a platypus, a giraffe and 2 ladybugs. Enjoy the pictures :D

Monday October 25, 2010 (Tv/Movie/Reality Dress Up)
I decided I was going to be a bachelorette because I love watching that show!! So I wore a pretty dress and carried around a rose. Pretty Clever huh! :D

Some of the other costumes were a biggest loser contestant, Lucy (from I love Lucy), Wednesday Adams, Dwight from the Office, Marge from The Simpsons, and Bella from Twilight.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My Collages

So lately I have been doing some collages at work when I get bored. They are a lot of fun, and people at work even ask me to make some for them :D I started by doing my name, and then my co-workers names..... so here are a few that I have done!

I did the Dallas Cowboys for my friend Karina but I LOVE the COLTS!!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If they were to make The Hunger Games movie........

If they were going to make a movie of The Hunger Games these are the characters I would choose:

I think Jude Law would be perfect as Cinna. Here is a few pics of him :D


I think a perfect fit for Primrose is Elle Fanning.

I think Hugh Laurie would be a good Haymitch. He really just looks the part.

I think Madison Pettis would be great for the part of Rue. She is so stinking CUTE!

Effie Trinket:
I think Kristin Chenoweth would be AWESOME for this part.

I think Ian Somerhalder would be awesome as Gale but I also like Daren Kagasoff and Aaron Johnson.

My favorite is Lucy Hale. I think she is beautiful and would be excellent for the part for Katniss. I also like Alexandra Daddario.

My #1 Pick would be Kellen Lutz. I think this picture is EXACTLY what I imagined Peeta looking like. Alex Pettfer would work too, but i honestly LOVE Kellen as Peeta.