Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pictures i promised ;D

Here are the pictures I had promised..... Enjoy!

Christmas Week: We went to Village in after a ward activity for some food
The 3 Amigos
The Boys (Chris, Moe, and Andrew)
My friends Toney and Shaunie... Gotta Love 'em!
New Years Eve Party:
So Our Ward (well, me because i am in charge of activities) put on a New Years eve Party! We ate food played games, watched some of Despicable Me and then Bryce's band played until midnight. It was so much fuN!

B A L L O O NS!!!!!!
Yeah We are cool ;D
Our sweet set up in the Church gym :D it was so much fun!!!
Corey, Michelle, Claire, and Me
Toney and I
Women Rock!!!!
Chris, Me, and Michelle
Picture of our shoes=Pretty Awesome!
Me and Nathan
Bryce's Band played
2011 BABY!!!
Bryce was super happy it was 2011! haha.
ApPle CiDeR Please!
New Years day:
Me and Ashley
This is my Sister Ashley and my Brother-in-law Deven playing Band Hero which is what we all played most of the day :D
This is a picture Of my Niece Bella (who by the way, can WALK now!!!!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So Here is the latest update on me:::

1. Christmas was AWESOME!!!!
2. New Years was AWESOME
3. I just had the best weekend EVER!

There will be pictures to come i promise!!