Monday, July 26, 2010

Inception/ Despicable Me

This Past week I was able to go see 2 movies.
On Wednesday I took my little brother
to see Dispicable Me in 3D.
The movie was basically amazing.
I loved it and I am pretty sure my brother liked it too.
It was his first movie to see in 3D so that was pretty cool.
It is super cute!

On Saturday I was able to see Inception with my Dad, Mom, brother Aaron, and Jonathan.
It is so so so good!
The beginning is confusing but it all works itself out in the end.
I am glad I was sitting by my brother Aaron, because he had already seen it so he was explaining things to me as the movie was going.

I would recommend BOTH of these fantastic movies to ANYONE!!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wyoming Trip 2010/ Summer fun!

So this summer for the weekend of July 4Th we drove down to Cody, Wyoming.
We normally come but this time I had to drive. I was so nervous but it all turned out OK. So we left Utah on June 29Th and basically drove all day. The rest of the week was filled with my dad's book signings, a rodeo, and visiting with family.
It was all so much fun!
Here are some pictures of what went down :)

We went to this store and they had a bunch of these signs. I was so surprised that MY name was in there because "Audrey" is not very common AT ALL!

This is me and my sister at the Rodeo :) It was our first time and we had SO much fun!

This is inside the Irma Hotel in Cody. We ate lunch there one time, but the whole reason for this picture was because of all of the animal heads. There were SO many!!!.

Outside of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center

The Irma Hotel where we ate..... STORY TIME: So we went in to eat and there was a table of Cowboys, and they kept looking over at our table the WHOLE time! They were pretty darn cute though. Then when they left, they purposely walked past us and some even smile a little... so crazy but they were so good looking :)

The Irma Hotel again

So this is my dad before one of his book signings!! I am so proud of him, and he is just so CUTE!

This is my Great Grandma :)

And this is my OTHER great grandma

Johnny just came back from shooting some targets

Little Bella playing in the grass.

My Grandpa's chickens


Willow is waiting for Aaron to throw the Ball

Bella Sleeping... so precious

THE BEST PIZZA EVER. Its this place called Pizza on the Run.

I thought it was weird that they delivered their pizza in an old hearse. GROSS!

Chloe playing in the Water. She is usually scared of the water, but she warmed up to the idea of it. We could not get her to jump completely in though.

Just Me :)


The Rodeo clown and his pink horse!!!

An entertainer who could lasso really good :)

Me and Em

Aaron sleeping on the ride home.
So After we got home on Saturday night, I went and watched fireworks with my friend Corinne.
It was so much fun and we got to talk about alot of stuff.
I basically LOVE fireworks!

SO After our long trip to WYOMING, on the
We went over to Deven's house and had a barbecue with his family.
It was so much fun and the food was basically AMAZING!
We had hamburgers and hot dogs and fruit and yummy food... i am getting hungry right now just thinking about it :) Anyways after all of the EATING we played several rounds of
It was so much fun!
Here are some pictures of our 4th:

Emily is just chilling out :) She is so PRETTY!!!!!

Ashley and Deven

I love this picture :) Just because they look so HAPPY

Bella in her CUTE 4th of July dress!

SO more recently I have been just working a lot and spending time with my family. Yesterday I was able to hang out with my best friend
I love her so much... she is amazing, and i totally look up to her.
So we decided to make cookies (which took forever because we couldn't figure out the recipe, and we had to end up doubling it!!!),
and then we watched the move
Leap Year.
After the movie we decided to take some pictures because we hardly have ANY together.
Here are some that turned out pretty good :)